Online Meeting Room Connection Test

Please note that our Online Meeting Room is optimized to work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  For your convenience, a download link for Chrome is provided at the bottom of this article.

If you're having issues connecting via internet, or just want to check that you're all set to call in through your browser in your Personal Meeting Room, simply go to the Menu at the top right of the screen within your account and select 'Connection Test'. Just follow the instructions in the tool and if you run into any difficulties, open ticket letting us know the message you see and our support team will help find a solution for you.

*Download Google Chrome here:

You can also join using our App

You can also download one of our standalone apps. These can be found and downloaded via the Menu at the top right within your account under 'Download Apps'.

Desktop and mobile apps are not available with all subscriptions - check with your account admin if you don't have access to apps.