TIP:  Use a headset where possible and do a test call in advance

Web and video conferencing is optimized for:
- Google Chrome on a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or Android device
(Video conferencing is supported with Safari on an iPhone or iPad (versions 13 and up)
and Firefox on a computer or Android device, but Chrome is recommented)


  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click 'START' to initiate an on-demand conference to begin right away.
    *If you see 'Moderator Controls' instead of start, click the arrow to the right of this button and select 'Start Video Meeting'.
  3. On the next screen, you may be prompted to "allow" your system to access your microphone and camera. Ensure that you allow access so that you have access to all features.
  4. Share your meeting link with anyone else you want to join the meeting. Send emails with your meeting details by clicking 'Add participants' in the bottom toolbar.




An on-demand video conference call can also be initiated by pasting your unique conference URL into your web browser.

This link can be found at the top of your account Home page. Simply click on the 'Copy call information' button to add this information to your clipboard. You can then paste this into an email or text message to send to participants.