Hear audible notifications when participants join and leave your meetings.

Great for smaller meetings where you want to be aware when someone joins and leaves. This feature can be customized to only announce on entry and to only play the names to moderators.

Chimes & name announce settings:

  • Navigate to Settings and select Chimes & Name Announce in the left-side menu
  • Click to toggle to enable Entry/exit chimes to manage the audible 'ding' for each time a participant joins or leaves your meeting
  • Click the toggle to enable Name announce on entry to prompt all participants to state their name before entering and then have this play into the meeting as they join. With name announce enabled, you now have two additional options:
    • Name announce on exit will also play the participants name as they leave the meeting.
    • Announce only to moderators will play the recorded name only to those who have joined as a moderator. Other participants will not hear the names announced.


Note: Any changes made here will NOT impact calls already scheduled. If you want to change these settings for conferences that you have already booked, you can either cancel and re-book the calls, or you can also turn off chimes during a call by pressing *8 on your phone keypad. it is not currently possible to turn off the name announcements or hold music using the telephone conference controls.