When accessing a call via phone you would need to enter either an access code or a moderator pin to join the call via phone. If you want to have access to moderator controls using your phone keypad, just enter the moderator PIN instead of the access code.

The moderator pin is reserved for the account holder or those in charge of hosting or moderating the call via phone (you can have more than one host/moderator on a call). After entering in your moderator pin you will gain access to the moderator controls where you can mute others, initiate recording (for those with upgraded packages) and more using your telephone keypad.

Additionally, you will need the moderator PIN to open up a conference call via phone if you have the Waiting Room turned on.

*To join a conference as moderator via internet, the moderator PIN is NOT REQUIRED. Just ensure you are logged into your account and join as you usually would within your browser or app. 

NOTE: only one person at any one time can join the online meeting room while also logged into your account online. 

TIP: You do not need to begin a call by entering in a moderator pin, you can also start a call by using the access code if you don't have the Waiting Room feature active and also have the call set to 'Conversation' mode by default.